What to Pack?

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Enjoy Sedona's Incredible Hiking Trails!

Be comfortable and prepared.

What to wear on a hike is totally up to the hiker. Comfortable pants or shorts and a loose fitting top, along with a seasonal jacket or sweatshirt will suit most people’s needs. Just like most places, it is always best to wear layers so you are prepared to lighten up as the day gets warmer. Sedona is 3,500 feet higher in altitude than Phoenix, and so much cooler, but the sun in the high desert can still be very intense. Always have some sort of cover-up from the sun along, just in case, especially in the hotter months of May, June, July and August.

Be sure to have comfortable hiking boots or shoes that are not too tight, but still support your feet and ankles. Of course, Sedona is red rock country and there are many excellent trails that are more rugged and you may want to include some climbing so consider shoes with some tread. Though the seasons do change in Sedona, your footwear needed for hiking isn't all that different all year round. Though in winter there is an occasional snow but not enough (normally) to suggest you bring the snow boots. Be prepared for the kind of hiking you like to do and the season probably will not matter.

To help make the journey easier a lightweight daypack is always helpful for carrying along provisions such as phone, camera, snacks and water. Be sure to bring a bottle or two of water along depending on the length of your walk or hike. Wearing a hat will help protect you from the sun especially in the summer and having some sunscreen is generally recommended.

You are sure to have a wonderful experience no matter which hike you take; Sedona is a breathtaking place to hike all year long.

Hiking Clothing & Gear Suggestions

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